The Ocean's Eleven star, who married the human rights lawyer last year (14), revealed he is planning to visit Lebanon's capital Beirut with his partner so he can meet his in-laws.

Clooney spoke of the couple's vested interest in politics and his freedom to talk more openly about his beliefs than his wife, who may deal with different countries in her line of work.

He tells BBC Online, "What I have learned from Amal is about Lebanese culture and (it's) absolutely fascinating to me. We're going to go to Beirut and I'm really excited to do that but I didn't know much about the Lebanese culture including how many family members I now have in Lebanon, which is a thousand I think...

"Well she's not involved in politics, she's active on the international stage. I would argue that both of us are equally involved politically. I'm in a much better place and able to do a lot more by not having to compromise... I don't have to worry about 'Will we have relations with Sudan', I don't have to worry irritating a group of people (like Amal does). I'm able to take a subject matter and defend it as best I can and make it as loud as I possibly can."