Hollywood heart-throb George Clooney helped raise more than $200,000 (GBP111,000) over the weekend (20/21MAR04) at private fund-raisers for his father's congressional campaign.

Nick Clooney, a longtime Cincinnati, Ohio, TV personality, is the lone Democratic candidate for the 4th District seat of retiring US Republican KEN LUCAS.

George Clooney spoke briefly at two events in northern Kentucky and at an event in Louisville, Kentucky, yesterday (21MAR04), but stayed away from making political statements. Instead, he talked about his father and how he wanted to help him with the election.

A proud Nick notes, "It's great having my son come in to help. It's family. When my son and my daughter show up and help me, it means a lot and it shows me this is more than just politics. We still matter to one another."

About 150 people paid $250 (GBP138) each to mingle with the actor at THE ORIENTAL WOK, a restaurant in Fort Mitchell, Kentucky.

In another fund-raiser on Saturday, about 100 people paid $1,000 (GBP555) each to see the actor at a private home.

About 100 people attended Sunday's reception in Louisville, also paying $1,000 each.

22/03/2004 21:24