Italian officials have introduced two new privacy laws banning unwanted visitors from approaching George Clooney's luxury villa in Lake Como.

Laglio Council authorities announced the new legislation on Saturday (21Jun14), revealing they hoped the new laws would prevent snooping fans and paparazzi from lingering on the road outside his property and on the water directly in front of his home.

The protection rules will remain in place until the end of September (14), according to

Mayor of Laglio, Roberto Pozzi, tells the publication, "It is now completely forbidden to stop outside the entrance to Clooney's villa.

"It's a question of traffic and security. It is very dangerous and it's also an issue of privacy."

Anyone caught outside the villa will face fines of up to 500 Euros ($680/£425), but Mayor Pozzi hopes prosecution will not be necessary.

He adds, "We have never penalised anyone in the past. This type of action is designed to bring about a change in people's behaviour and create a more peaceful environment. We have to guarantee privacy and security for George Clooney and his guests."

News of the protection laws have fuelled rumours Clooney will celebrate his upcoming nuptials with fiancee Amal Alamuddin at the Lake Como retreat, although previous reports suggested the couple was hoping to wed in Venice in September (14).