George Clooney has donated $25,000 (£12,000) to the Actors Fund, a charity providing emergency relief for those hit by the Hollywood writers strike.

The Ocean's 13 star told Variety: "To people like myself, the strike is a forced vacation.

"But there is the fear that a prolonged strike can destroy people who make a living in this industry."

He continued to urge fellow stars to donate money saying: "My hope is that people who can afford it will take responsibility for this and help out."

Stars such as Robin Williams, Jack Black and the cast of UGLY BETTY have all joined the writers on the picket-line.

Members of the Writers Guild of America have been on strike for two weeks, campaigning for a larger percentage of internet and DVD profits.

Negotiations are expected to resume next week after the Thanksgiving weekend.

The film version of Dan Brown'S popular novel ANGELS & DEMONS became the first big movie to be affected by the strike when filming was delayed.

19/11/2007 15:27:24