Movie superstar George Clooney has hit back at critics who questioned whether he actually called the shots on his directorial debut, CONFESSIONS OF A DANGEROUS MIND.

And George became so irked by a piece in THE WASHINGTON POST that said his pal and director STEVEN SODERBERGH - who was the film's executive producer - made it, that he sent them a letter.

The 42-year-old says, "The Washington Post was a really tough one. They said they liked the film then spent four paragraphs saying Steven Soderbergh directed it.

"I wrote them a letter saying, 'Hey, look, you can hate the film, I don't give a s***, but you can't question my integrity. I directed the film from beginning to end.'

"And at the bottom of the letter I put, 'Letter actually written by Steven Soderbergh.'

"But I was disappointed. I'm really proud of it and I made the exact film I wanted to make."

29/09/2003 21:04