Hollywood buddies George Clooney and Brad Pitt have reunited on stage, for a benefit performance of '8,' the play that dramatizes the 2010 court case that challenged Proposition 8, the ballot measure which banned same-sex marriage in California. The Los Angeles Times have reported on the one-night only performance, which consisted of a reading of the play, in a courtroom setting. The performance took place at the Wilshire Ebell Theatre in Los Angeles.
George Clooney, who recently conducted an interview with Advocate magazine, discussing rumors regarding his own sexuality, played the role of a lawyer. Brad Pitt played the role of the judge. He and his partner Angelina Jolie have famously announced that they refuse to marry until all citizens in the United States are free to marry on equal grounds and the force of high-profile celebrities such as Clooney and Pitt has brought a great deal of publicity to the cause. Dustin Lance Black wrote the script, having previously won an Oscar for the screenplay for Milk, about the gay rights activist Harvey Milk. He largely relied on transcripts for the actual court hearing.