Hollywood golden boy George Clooney likes to take a break from the bright lights of Los Angeles by tuning into British radio soap opera The Archers.

The long-running radio show focuses on the fictitious village of Ambridge and the OCEAN'S ELEVEN heart throb is addicted to the turbulent lives of the rural characters.

Clooney regularly tunes into the show through the internet whilst relaxing at home after he was introduced to the British RADIO 4 opus by English on/off lover LISA SNOWDON.

The soap's fans are delighted at the news. HEDLI NIKLAUS, who stars in the show as KATHY PERKS and runs the ARCHERS ADDICTS fanclub, says, "It's fantastic. I'm going to make him an honorary member of the club."

"If George fancied getting a mention in the show, we wouldn't hesitate to offer him a role. We're long overdue for a Hollywood star with sex appeal to feature on the show. Obviously, I'd have to arrange for him to kiss me."

20/08/2004 19:27