George Clooney pokes fun at his sex symbol status in a new 30-second TV coffee ad, in which he mistakes two women's chat about their favourite "dark intense body" as a comment on his own looks. The Oscar winner, who was recently voted People magazine's Sexiest Man Alive for a second time, is the first celebrity to star in an ad campaign for premium coffee brand Nespresso. The quirky commercial, titled THE BOUTIQUE and directed by acclaimed film and music video-maker Michel Gondry, will debut in Britain at the end of the month (27NOV06). BREMA DROHAN, the managing director of Nespresso UK, insists Clooney was the perfect face for the firm's new campaign: "The brand represents a number of qualities including sophistication, style and charm, and George Clooney embodies all of these qualities... We are delighted that he agreed to star in our first movie." It's a perfect match for coffee fan Clooney, who told Nespresso bosses that he already has their coffee machines in his homes in the US and Italy.