George Clooney's improvised drama, UNSCRIPTED, which starred his ex-girlfriend Krista Allen has been cancelled.

Clooney directed episodes of the well-received show on US cable but few people tuned in to watch it.

But Allen loved making the film, describing it as "a precious experience".

The actress has now moved on to Ben Affleck and Matt Damon's reality TV show PROJECT GREENLIGHT, which follows a filmmaker wannabe's idea from conception to release - and she admits that experience has been far from pleasant.

Allen snaps, "It should be called Project put-everybody-in-a-bad-light. I'm not happy with the way they portray anybody... They don't show all the great stuff that happens on the set and how everybody really liked working with each other.

"They had me coming on and I'm apparently drunk on one of the episodes but it was unfair and untrue."

16/05/2005 02:51