George Clooney tricked paparazzi into believing he was hosting Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie's wedding - to pay them back for swarming around his holiday home. The Hollywood hunk received a call from Italy in 2006 stating his Lake Como mansion had been surrounded by snappers after a rumour had spread that the Hollywood couple were set to wed. And instead of dismissing the reports, the Michael Clayton star fuelled the speculation - by ordering wedding paraphernalia to be set up on his sprawling lawns. He says, "A while ago, when I was shooting, I got a call from a friend in Italy. This was in February and my home in Italy is not a warm place in February, it's cold and wet. "But this friend told me hundreds of reporters had descended on the house because they'd heard that Brad and Angelina were getting married there. He adds, "That was stupid - it was cold and raining; you wouldn't want to get married there. So I phoned up and ordered 15 high-top wedding tables and had them set up in the yard. "They went nuts - the next day there were helicopters flying over. They must of spent millions to get the choppers up there!"