George Clooney has hailed his father's praise for Oscar-nominated newsroom drama GOOD NIGHT, AND GOOD LUCK as the biggest seal of approval he could receive.

The 44-year-old took pride in showing his father a cut of the acclaimed film - which he co-wrote, directed and starred in - because former Cincinnati, Ohio, news anchor Nick Clooney had first hand experience of some of the movie's themes.

The film explores the life of legendary CBS reporter Edward R Murrow, whose journalism brought down controversial US senator Joseph Mccarthy in the 1950s.

Clooney says, "He (Nick) was very moved because he knew it was a tribute to the standards he believed in. He knew what it was.

"He turned around and he goes, 'You got it. That's a newsroom.'

"I think we should take an ad out in the trades: 'One of the best newsroom films I've ever seen - Nick Clooney.'