George Clooney loved being in Hollywood when he first moved to Los Angeles in the 1980s, even though he failed to realise the women throwing themselves at him were actually prostitutes. Before breaking into the film industry in B-movies including RETURN OF THE KILLER TOMATOES!, Clooney was shown around his new home by his actor cousin Miguel Ferrer. He says, "I remember the first day I got here. Miguel took me for a drive up Sunset Boulevard, and we stopped right in front of the old Screen Actors Guild building, which was on Genesee and Sunset. "And there used to be just tons of hookers there - like 15 on that night in particular. I'd never seen a hooker in my life, coming from Kentucky. "And we pull up to the stoplight, and all these girls came up to the car and were like, 'Baby, want to party? You want to party with me?' And I was like, 'Girls love me, man! I'm on fire in this town! I should have come here a long time ago! Chicks dig me!' "And Miguel goes, 'They're hookers, you idiot.'"