George Clooney had a wild time when he met Bill Murray for the first time at this month's (SEP03) VENICE FILM FESTIVAL - the pair partied together until the break of dawn.

The INTOLERABLE CRUELTY star says he was in awe of the GHOSTBUSTER when he spotted him in a bar - but decided to ignore his nerves and chat to him anyway.

George says, "He always makes me laugh. I hadn't met him before but I saw him in a bar and went over.

"You can't not go - it's Bill Murray. And he was like, 'Well, look who's coming now!' I said, 'Yeah, yeah, bring it on!'

"But we had a great night. I ended up in a wheelchair that I stole from the Cipriani Hotel at seven in the morning, flying around the lobby, screaming at him. He cracks me up."

29/09/2003 17:36