George Clooney's movie Confessions Of A Dangerous Mind is to be given a second run in American cinemas - after the hunky actor begged studio bosses to re-release it.

The film, about a famous TV game show host-turned-part-time CIA agent, grossed only $15.9 million (GBP9.9 million) at the box office when it came out in March (03).

But Clooney - who directed the movie - has since put pressure on film chiefs to unleash it on the big screen again, because he feels the amount of unpaid work he put into the project should warrant him a second chance.

The former ER star claims the movie took longer to make than he'd expected and cost far more than the budget ($29 million/GBP18 million), forcing the actor and his colleagues on the set to take major cuts in their earnings.

He says, "I was only playing a supporting role, so taking no money didn't even help because there were still lead characters that were still going to have to be paid.

"So I figured the only way to do it is take over and say, 'Look, I'm doing this for nothing as a director, as an actor. I'm asking everybody to come in a do it for nothing.'"

13/08/2003 00:14