George Clooney insists he isn't offended by British actor Rupert Everett's recent outburst in which he labelled the Hollywood star "not the brightest spark" and called his films "a cancer to culture".
Everett launched a scathing attack on Clooney last year (07), condemning his Ocean's film series.
He ranted, "Clooney thinks that, provided he does films which are politically committed, he's allowed to do Ocean's Eleven, Twelve, Thirteen. But the Ocean's films are a cancer to the world culture. They're destroying us."
The gay star also questioned the actor's intelligence.
But Clooney is refusing to let Everett's comments upset him.
He says, "People say things, but you don't worry about that. You know, I couldn't care less, people can be unkind every once in a while, it doesn't really matter."