George Clooney has discovered the source of the reports pal Brad Pitt was marrying Angelina Jolie at his Italian retreat on Lake Como - a hotel nearby. The actor received frantic calls from staff at his lake house in February (06) explaining the area had become a mecca for local paparazzi and news crews, but he couldn't pinpoint who had falsely tipped them off about a wedding ceremony. But recent investigation lead Clooney to believe the owners of a hotel that overlooks the lake were to blame - in an effort to boost business. He reveals, "It took us a while to figure it out but it was interesting. There is a very famous hotel on the Lake that shuts down from November through March and the last two years it's been sold out for weeks because the press thought someone was getting married at my place. "It was Brad and Angelina or it was TOM (CRUISE) and KATIE (HOLMES). That hotel was leaking the story." Clooney admits he initially played along with the ruse: "I set up 12 high-top tables and chairs on the lawn and the helicopters kept flying around for days." Clooney is even thinking about sparking rumours for 2007 himself - to keep his Italian retreat in the news and the local hotel busy: "I think the secret to actually getting away with a wedding at Lake Como is keep telling the press who's gonna be getting married there next year? "I should do it. That's it, I'm getting married there next year. Let's start the rumour now!"