Generous movie star George Clooney insists his proposed hotel and casino in Las Vegas, Nevada, will not be purely a money-making venture, because he'll give profits to the poor in Africa.

The SYRIANA actor, 44, is in the early stages of building Las Ramblas, a classy venue which will demand customers dress-up, compared to the relaxed, informal dress codes of rival casinos in Sin City.

Speaking on Larry King LIVE last night (16FEB06), Clooney said, "I'm taking 25 per cent and giving it to Africa."

Clooney admits the formal dress code was inspired by his childhood, when he used to watch his late aunt, singer Rosemary Clooney perform in the Las Vegas casinos.

He recalls, "It's gonna be like when I used to go and see Rosie sing in casinos where everyone used to wear a jacket."