Though it's far from set in stone, Hollywood stars George Clooney and Leonardo Dicaprio could be teaming up on a new movie.

Warner Bros is developing a cinematic version of Beau Willimon's play Farragut North, an intriguing political drama.

And according to Variety, Clooney is the frontrunner to direct, while DiCaprio is attached to play the lead role.

With both actors renowned for their forthright politics - Clooney has made appeals at the UN regarding Darfur, while Leo is an active environmental campaigner - the play's subject matter seems ideal.

Leo would take the lead role, as an idealistic young communications director in the employ of an unorthodox presidential candidate (Clooney could also feature onscreen, it is thought).

During the election campaign, the youngster's career is undone by the dirty tricks and underhand tactics of more wizened politicos.

Named after the Washington Metro station near many lobbyists' offices in the capital, Farragut North is set to open on Broadway in autumn 2008, with Jake Gyllenhaal reportedly to take the lead role and Mike Nichols to direct.

Should Clooney choose to helm the adaptation - it's vaguely based on the 2004 presidential campaign, during which Willimon worked for Democrat candidate Howard Dean - it'll be his fourth directing job, with his third effort Leatherheads due for its US release in April.

11/10/2007 16:06:16