Hollywood heart-throb George Clooney has found a date for the Oscars next month (06MAR06) - respected US broadcaster Larry King.

The OCEAN'S TWELVE star was interviewed for an hour by King last night (16FEB06) on the CNN show LARRY KING LIVE.

When asked who he was bringing to the Oscars, liberal Clooney joked he would be bringing US Vice President Dick Cheney, who hit the headlines this week (ends19FEB06) when he accidentally shot his hunting pal Harry Whittington.

Clooney - who is rumoured to be dating TERI HATCHER - said, "I asked Dick Cheney, but...," before asking King to accompany him to the Academy Awards..

Clooney asked, "I'll bring you if you wanna come... OK, It's a deal," before shaking hands with King to seal the date.

The actor is up for three Oscars, including Best Supporting Actor for SYRIANA and Best Director and Best Original Screenplay for GOOD NIGHT, AND GOOD LUCK.