George Clooney has urged Hollywood pal Tom Cruise "make fun of himself" and broaden his appeal to movie audiences. Cruise's public persona has been damaged in recent years by a media baffled by his devotion to the Church of Scientology. He was embarrassed further by recent, leaked, promotional videos for the church, in which he excitedly boasted about the benefits of Scientology. His movies have also taken a dive at the box office - amid the suggestion Cruise has alienated cinema audiences. But film fans' favourite Clooney insists the Top Gun star isn't arrogant or "self-serving" - he just needs to mock himself more. Clooney tells Time magazine: "Before they could kill me on Batman + Robin, I said, 'It's a bad film, and I'm the worst thing in it.' You try to defend an indefensible position, you'll look like a schmuck. The guys I dig don't do that. Look at Winston Churchill. He said, 'These are our shortcomings. Now let's get past it.'" He adds of Cruise, "I talked to him the other day, and he's a good egg. There's nothing self-serving about what he's saying. He has to turn it into a way to make fun of himself."