George Clooney is still sore at the Los Angeles doctors who insisted the blinding headaches he suffered on the set of SYRIANA last year (05) were nothing.

The movie star jetted back to California from Morocco, convinced that something was wrong when fluid started dripping out of his nose and nothing could shift his painful headaches.

But it was only when he went to see a neurologist that he learned of the extent of his problems - a life-threatening breach in his dura, the substance that surrounds the brain and spine.

He recalls, "It was like an ice-cream brain freeze 24 hours a day.

"A lot of the doctors were like, 'You've got a headache. Go home.' I understand what they were thinking: 'Oh, he's an actor. He's being dramatic.'"

The actor's conditioned worsened so quickly that he was forced to hobble around at the OCEAN'S TWELVE premiere last December (04), while he awaited surgery. Neurologists operated on him just three days later and pinned his spine back together with plastic bolts.

Clooney is now celebrating his recovery with a Mario Testino photo spread in the upcoming premiere issue of US Men's Vogue.