George Clooney is still amazed whenever he is surrounded by frenzied fans - especially when he's out dining with movie legends he feels deserve more attention than him.

The Oceans Eleven actor, 43, was left deeply embarrassed when he was singled out during a recent night out with OSCAR-winning actor Robert Duvall, as he believes their focus should have been on THE GODFATHER star.

Clooney says, "One of my most embarrassing times was when I was going for dinner with Robert Duvall.

"We were in the hotel lobby and people were screaming, 'George, George' and I was thinking, 'For Pete's sake this is Robert Duvall here.'

"I always try to sign autographs or whatever anyone wants. But I do not like having a piece of paper shoved in my face, especially when I'm out doing something entirely private."

10/10/2004 21:28