George Clooney risked re-injuring his life-threatening back injury on the set of new movie THE GOOD GERMAN when his pal and director Steven Soderbergh asked him to put his body in danger for one gutsy scene. Soderbergh admits he felt terrible when he realised he'd have to ask Clooney to participate in a pivotal fight scene in the film because the Oscar winner's heroics in SYRIANA left him with spinal fluid leaking into his brain. Clooney underwent painful surgery and had to wear a brace on his neck for months last year (05) following the injury. Soderbergh says, "I felt bad sort of. It was uncanny that invariably the thing that needed to be done in the scene was the worst possible thing that you could do for the injury that he had - a spinal injury near the neck area. "When (character) GUNTHER (BEHN) attacks him in the apartment I said, 'OK you're gonna be down on the ground and he's gonna pick you up and pull you by the neck back into this wall and then he's gonna bite your ears.' He (Clooney) just did it."