George Clooney has vowed to have his revenge on Tilda Swinton after she made fun of him in her Oscar acceptance speech. The British star won the Best Supporting Actress Oscar for her performance in Michael Clayton at this year's (08) Academy Awards. And Swinton couldn't resist making a joke, telling the audience her co-star Clooney - who appeared in 1997's Batman + Robin - donned the caped crusader's costume on the set of Michael Clayton and hung upside down during his lunch breaks. Clooney, who is famed for playing pranks on fellow actors, is now plotting his revenge. He says, "I will get her back for the bat-suit line somewhere along the way. "Tilda kills me. She is one of the dearest, funniest people. It's funny. She plays these uptight characters all the time and is just as funny as hell and always cracks me up."