George Clooney, Bill Murray and Jason Schwartzman are among the stars who have brought Roald Dahl's beloved children's tale FANTASTIC MR. Fox to life. The trio has provided the voices for the leading characters in the new Wes Anderson movie. Schwartzman recorded his part in the film in just 20 minutes in London after Anderson duped him about rehearsal time. He tells, "I asked Wes whether we could put aside some time first to talk about the movie, my character, his motivation and so on. "He said, 'Sure, we'll be fine. We'll rehearse first and then talk about those things later, way before we record anything.' "It got to the day we were recording... seven o' clock rolls around and we still haven't (rehearsed) anything. "He says, 'Should we cancel it? It might seem a bit rushed now if we do it." And I said, 'Yeah, it'll be too rushed, let's cancel it.' "Thing is, he'd already paid the money for the studio. So, he says, 'Lets just go in there and mess around.' And what did we do? We did the entire movie in 20 minutes. Every single take! It was so much fun."