Hollywood star George Clooney has reunited with his ex-wife and the pair have realised they can be great friends.

The movie hunk married Talia Balsam in 1989 but the couple split four years later and only recently reunited when Clooney produced his ex in the political drama K STREET.

Clooney admits he's thrilled they're friends again. He tells American men's magazine ESQUIRE, "Her husband was a regular. It was really nice to reintroduce myself to her and relearn about her.

"Now we can look at ourselves as two people who had a reason to be together at a point in the past. We were able to get past the rough times in the past, just make jokes and have fun."

And Clooney, who is now dating British model LISA SNOWDON, admits his marriage was doomed because he wasn't mature enough to work out differences that loomed.

He adds, "Had marriage come later in life, I probably would have understood better how to make it work."

14/12/2004 09:23