George Clooney hopes his new movie GOODNIGHT, AND GOOD LUCK will prompt a renewed respect for "good hard" journalism.

The Hollywood actor is directing and appearing in the film, which tells the story of broadcaster Edward R Murrow and his on-air confrontations with Senator Joseph Mccarthy.

And Clooney, whose father Nick Clooney was a journalist and anchorman on and off for 40 years, hopes the film will display the fundamentals of true journalism.

He says, "(I want the film to show) good hard news is not antiquated and hard journalism can exist. (Television) news has now become entertainment instead of a service. I'm allowed to say it, because of my background.

"(My father) would come home and tell us how they wanted to stress the make-up and wardrobe."

Robert Downey Jr, Ray Wise, Tate Donovan, Jeff Daniels, David Strathairn and Patricia Clarkson are among the film's cast.

24/03/2005 21:38