Hollywood hunk George Clooney gave one of his co-stars the ultimate wedding gift, when he treated her to a free stay at his Italian villa.

Viola Davis, who worked with Clooney on SOLARIS and FAR AWAY FROM HEAVEN, which he produced, recently became a married woman, and she was thrilled when one of her gifts was a stay at the 22-room villa on Lake Como.

She says, "My husband I were there for 10 days, and the whole time we kept staring at each other, saying, 'How are we going to describe this to people.

"He has a staff of three who cook and clean every day. They would ring a bell, and you go downstairs to eat in this room that has cabinets with hundreds of bottles of wine. They would serve us the finest four-course Italian meals.

"We were totally taken care of. We didn't even have to worry about a toothbrush."

23/11/2004 02:37