George Clooney's new TV project K STREET had a helping hand from America's former First Lady Hillary Clinton.

The movie hunk and production company partner Steven Soderbergh pitched the idea for their documentary/drama, all about what really goes on in the corridors of power on Washington's Capitol Hill, before they knew whether they could make a series.

Their idea was to team real politicians up with actors to reveal what really goes on in American politics - but they only realised what an ambitious venture it was when cable channel HBO picked it up.

Clooney reveals, "We did a TV pilot to get picked up by HBO, but before we did it that we were like, 'Let's see if we can actually do this. Can we actually put this together in this time?'

"Fortunately, Hilary helped us out with the test episode. It won't be shown, however."

The show's consultant is Ronald Reagan's former aide MICHAEL DEAVER.

15/09/2003 09:22