Hollywood hunk George Clooney blames himself for his string of failed relationships - because he has never learned from his mistakes. The OCEAN'S ELEVEN star was married to actress Talia Balsam for almost four years. He has since romanced a string of beauties including British model LISA SNOWDON and movie star RENEE ZELLWEGER - but his relationships always fail, because of his inability to work through problems. He says, "I've failed miserably at all of them. I can say that it was always me. You can't describe me as a great success. "I shouldn't be putting out books on relationships - How To Date, by George. "I didn't learn much from marriage because I didn't let it be much of a learning experience. That's not to say I didn't love and adore the woman I married. "But what I really wasn't prepared for what the idea that if things start going really badly, you need to work them out. "I was 28. I wasn't as tolerant as I should have been and I wasn't as willing to fix things. "Had marriage come later in life, I probably would have understood better how to make it work. "And divorce was just interesting to me because divorce meant failure."