George Clooney has told Hollywood pal Brad Pitt to leave his kids at home if he comes to visit.

The American actor told OK! Magazine that he had barred his Ocean's Thirteen co-star from bringing his ever-expanding brood to his Italian villa, where he often hosts parties for his showbiz pals.

Indicating that some of his fellow cast members were likely to visit him there again, Clooney joked: "Brad will, but I've told him he can't bring his 15 children."

Pitt has three adopted children with partner Angelina Jolie, while their biological baby Shiloh was born last year.

But unlike his co-star, 45-year-old Clooney told OK! that the pitter patter of tiny feet was unlikely to be heard in his own life any time soon.

"I'm so selfish and I get nervous around kids, and I know I'm not ready for that kind of life," he explained.

Meanwhile Clooney, who says that his career dominates his life, is currently filming his latest movie, Leatherheads, with Renee Zellweger.

The movie, which is also being directed by the actor, is described by Universal Pictures as a "rapid-fire romantic comedy" set in the 1920s against the backdrop of America's pro-football league.

03/05/2007 07:50:59