George Clooney regularly balances water-filled balloons over doors - to soak his girlfriend LISA SNOWDON when she opens them.

The OCEAN'S TWELVE practical joker pounces on the sexy British TV presenter when she's least expecting it, leaving her dripping with water - often when she's dressed to go out for a glamorous evening.

However, Snowdon is beginning to predict Clooney's cruel aquatic attacks.

She says, "I've learned to watch out for the water-filled balloons. He loves to balance them over doors - and it doesn't matter whether I'm ready to go out or not.

"I've been blasted a few times. It's a particular shock to the system if you're holding a glass of red wine and water goes all over you. I'm getting clever now, though. I get a gut feeling when he's in a naughty mood, so I look out."

08/05/2005 21:50