Movie star George Clooney's Italian neighbours have reportedly hit out at his plans to buy the local beach.

The OCEAN'S TWELVE star's villa in the idyllic Lake Como village of Lagli has already been vandalised by disgruntled locals, but he had been a popular figure with locals before details of his planned purchase were leaked.

One shopkeeper tells gossip site THE SCOOP, "We're not going to give him the beach.

"Just because he's rich and famous, doesn't mean he has to get everything that he wants."

Clooney's caretaker, ANTONIO, admits his boss is risking the villagers' affection with his behaviour.

He said, "This beach business is becoming a bit of a problem.

"Many locals like George Clooney, it's true, but others are bitter about what they consider to be too favourable treatment. It's becoming a thorn in his side."

This is not the first time the Hollywood actor, 43, has had to make peace with the residents of Laglio, he caused upset when he shipped in fellow stars Julia Roberts and Matt Damon for some filming.

But charming Clooney was soon forgiven after offering a hand-written letter to the collective village, stating: "My greatest desire is just to live in this wonderful village."

24/03/2005 17:58