George Clooney and his OCEAN'S 11 co-stars Matt Damon and Julia Roberts have been caught waiting in line as part of a new public service announcement raising support for charity ONE: The Campaign To Make Poverty History The actors and others, including country singer Toby Keith and former Desperate Housewives star Alfre Woodard, debuted their new television ad on Monday night (23OCT06) on MTV In the commercial, which will run during the upcoming US election season, Damon states, "This is a first step in a long-term effort to start making the fight against global AIDS and extreme poverty part of the election conversation, and Americans can be part of that by joining ONE org "Saving lives in the world's poorest countries Winning the fight against global AIDS and extreme poverty "There aren't two sides to these issues There is only one Please vote ONE org " Clooney adds, "Both this election and as we start to look toward 2008, you can talk with the candidates, you can get on their websites, let them know that you will be asking them about their positions and to do even more to save lives in Africa and the world's poorest countries " The ONE campaign was launched with the help of U2 rocker Bono and is a coalition of over 70 non-profit, advocacy and humanitarian organisations