George Clooney almost gave up on a movie career after the best role he could land was two-lines in Nicolas Cage film GUARDING TESS.

The actor, who is now one of Hollywood's biggest stars, was already a successful US TV actor when he considered turning his back on silver screen aspirations.

He recalls, "Until ER hit, I was making star money on television and greenlighting pilots at NBC (US network) and I had never done a studio picture.

"I would go into my agents office at the time and I would say, 'Can I just get in on one film,' and I remember it was the year before ER hit and they finally said, 'OK, you can read for the casting director for two lines in Guarding Tess...'

"I was making $40,000 a week as the star of a television series at the time, but it's a chasm between the two."