Two of the stars of Burn After Reading have been named the ultimate celebrity fantasies for British women in a new poll.

Brad Pitt and George Clooney, who also worked together in the Ocean's franchise, headed a list of most desirable celebrities compiled by McCain to promote its new Simply Gorgeous chip product.

The poll of 3,000 women discovered that their favourite setting for a fantasy encounter was under a Caribbean waterfall, closely followed by a log cabin and posh Penthouse suite.

Firemen were revealed as the professional group most women would most like to be seduced by with musicians, pilots and doctors also popular.

And in terms of the celebrities who most commonly formed the object of British women's affections, actors were the most desired, with Orlando Bloom, Jude Law and Tom Cruise also named in the McCain top ten.

There was one surprise result, however, with X Factor judge Simon Cowell placed above legendary lothario Russell Brand in the poll.

Christine Webber, a psychotherapist, agony aunt and broadcaster, commented: "Fantasies are great ways to keep our love lives spicy and varied. A woman's most erogenous zone is her mind, so that's the bit of us that needs most exercise and attention! Fantasies are a great way to escape from everyday life and to indulge ourselves.

"But lots of our fantasies would be quite damaging to turn into reality – making love with our sexy boss for example might lose us our job or even our own partner. For this reason, fantasies are mostly best left in the mind."

Almost eight million women regularly have saucy thoughts about someone other than their husband or partner, the survey found.

The top ten celebrity fantasies are:

1 Brad Pitt
2 George Clooney
3 Robbie Williams
4 Orlando Bloom
5 David Beckham
6 Gordon Ramsay
7 Simon Cowell
8 Jude Law
9 Russell Brand
10 Tom Cruise

The top five fantasy professions

1 Fireman
2 Musician
3 Pilot
4 Doctor
5 Sportsman

28/10/2008 04:01:01