SARAH LARSON has proved the way to a man's heart is not through his stomach, but to fall off his motorbike and risk death.

Hollywood heartthrob George Clooney has become inseparable from stunning 28-year-old Sarah after the couple were involved in a motorcycling accident at the weekend.

George, 46, suffered a broken rib while Sarah had cuts to her face and a broken foot when they came off George's Harley Davidson.

But the former cocktail waitress and the OCEANS 11 actor seem completely smitten after their tumble, despite George famously being afraid of commitment.

"George and Sarah are now definitely an item," one insider told the Daily Express.

"He normally keeps his private life private, but since the crash he has been showing off his girlfriend to the world and they are clearly very much in love."

However, as Sarah has been hobbling around in a pink plaster cast and attracting more attention to the couple, George may begin to get worried.

The source added: "What pains George more than his injuries is how this whole thing will now bring a lot of attention to his relationship with Sarah."

25/09/2007 15:53:54