George Clooney's Oscar nomination success could be overshadowed by a stolen naked picture of the star, taken before he found global fame.

The actor was 28 when he posed for the snap, which was taken during his stint as Booker Brooks on hit US sitcom ROSEANNE.

The saucy snapshot was promptly stolen from the set and now star Roseanne Barr fears it will come back and haunt the GOOD NIGHT, AND GOOD LUCK actor/director.

Barr tells Britain's Attitude magazine, "One night when we were all drunk, John Goodman took a picture of George naked with Groucho Marx glasses over his private area and we used to have that on the fridge on the Roseanne show, with a magnet on top of it. But someone stole it.

"I always check to see if it's on (action website) eBay - all of us do - but somebody must have just thrown it away because it's never shown up."

The actress adds of Clooney - who has been nominated in the Best Supporting Actor, Best Director and Best Original Screenplay categories - "He's a great person, he was so fun and funny. I thought he was handsome but I didn't know he was going to be this huge, he's always just George to me."