Funk superstar George Clinton was so impressed with rocker SHAVO ODADJIAN's perfect impersonation of him he insisted the former System Of A Down star step up to the mic in the studio.
Odadjian was producing tracks on Clinton's Gangsters of Love record when he treated the colourful hitmaker to his mimicry.
The funk star was so taken aback he called on the rocker to step in for him while they were recording bonus tracks.
Odadjian explains, "The song that I'm on is called Stillness in Motion... There's a female singer on top, but in the background when you hear George, it's not George, it's me. I do a great impersonation of him.
"When I did it the first time, he said, 'That goddamn motherf**ker sounds just like me!'
"He was tired the night we were doing that song and asked me to do it. I even have it on video."
But that wasn't the highlight of the sessions Odadjian recorded with Clinton.
He tells Hustler magazine, "Me, Sly (Stone), George Clinton and El DeBarge did a song together that probably no one is going to hear... It didn't make the cut."