George Clinton, the American singer-songwriter and founding member of the funk band 'Parliament', is suing the R&B group the Black Eyed Peas claiming that they sampled one of his tracks on their hit song 'Shut Up' without his permission, reports the UK's Guardian newspaper.
'Shut Up' was originally released in 2003 and includes a sample of Clinton's 1979 track '(Not Just) Knee Deep'. Two further remixes of the song were later released, and Clinton claims that his signature was forged on a licensing agreement which granted the group permission to use the song. The 69-year-old is seeking compensation for the alleged copyright infringement, as well as an order from the California Central District Court to prevent the band from performing or selling copies of any of the remixes to the song.
This is the third lawsuit filed against the Black Eyed Peas in as many months .Bryan Pringle, an artist from Texas, filed a suit against the group in October claiming that they used samples of his work on their song 'I've Got A Feeling' without permission. Similarly, the singer PHEONIX PHENOM claims that the band's track 'Boom Boom Pow' uses parts of her song 'Doom Dynamite'.