American comedian-turned-actor George Carlin is praying for aliens to fix the world's problems.

The JERSEY GIRL star fears the trend of solving technology's problems with more technology will cripple and kill mankind, and he's only glad he won't be alive to see the globe's demise.

He insists the only hope lies with extra-terrestrials, saying, "I hope we're interfered with again by the extraterrestrials and this time they help.

"This time they say, 'We're gonna do another genetic thing; we're gonna do it just like we did when we brought you people architecture - suddenly you could lift stones up and build a pyramid, suddenly you had mathematics. We're gonna do that again and this time we're gonna help you folks again.'

"I hope that happens because then all those dreams that I don't quite have for us could come true and that would be the best surprise I could get."

02/11/2004 16:06