Comedian George Carlin has praised Ben Affleck's willingness to mock his failed romance with Jennifer Lopez on live TV on Saturday night (13MAR04).

The Hollywood hunk will host weekly comedy show Saturday Night Live this weekend as part of his promotional schedule for new movie Jersey Girl, and he's already shown a willingness to laugh at his failed relationship with Gigli co-star J.Lo.

Carlin - who plays Affleck's dad in Jersey Girl - believes the actor is dealing with his break-up in the best way possible.

He says, "That's his approach and it's the right approach. The way you handle things is to lay them out there and say, 'I did this, I did that. You don't like it? I didn't like some of it too. Here we are. What's next?'

"There's no reason to be hiding and covering and changing and fixing. All you do is have more stuff to think about with what you said."

11/03/2004 10:04