Comedian George Carlin is set to start the new year (05) in rehab after

confessing he's battling an alcohol and drug problem.

The JERSEY GIRL star, 67, has issued a statement to the media in America telling fans not to worry; he just wants to get sober before his problems get worse.

He says, "I'm going into rehab because I use too much wine and Vicodin. No

one told me I needed this; I recognized the problem and took the step myself.

"My levels of use are nowhere near the worst you hear about these days; I could easily have continued functioning at a good level... for a while. But my use would have progressed, I would have been in deeper trouble, and I didn't want to tolerate that.

"I've never been in rehab before and I know it isn't easy, but I'm highly motivated, and will do whatever's needed. When I get out, I will take a little time for myself before resuming my schedule."

Carlin's Jersey Girl co-star Ben Affleck also checked himself into rehab two years ago in a bid to kick a spiralling drinking problem.

28/12/2004 01:18