George Benson is hoping his musical tribute to the late DIANA, PRINCESS OF WALES will be released - despite an ongoing 13-year battle with his record company.
The British royal and her boyfriend Dodi Fayed died in a car crash 1997 and the soul singer was approached by Fayed's father, Mohamed Al-Fayed, to pen a song about the couple.
Benson wrote two tracks - I Will Keep You In My Heart, a tribute to Diana, and Father And Son, about Mohamed and Dodi.
A disagreement with his record company meant the songs were not released - but Benson is hopeful Diana's sons, Princes William and Harry, will finally hear the touching ballads.
He says, "I love those boys. When I see them I keep on thinking about her personality and what outstanding kids she produced.
"Very few people can listen to this song without bursting into tears. Everyone has lost someone and can relate to the words.
"I know in my own heart that, one day, they (the songs) will be heard and more appreciated."