Top Hollywood car collector George Barris is auctioning off his collection of movie and TV vehicles, giving devotees the chance to own the original DUKES OF HAZZARD General Lee and Knight Rider's talking car K.I.T.T.

Barris is offering over 70 vehicles and motorbikes up for sale because he's running out of space to garage his massive collection.

The speedy items, which will also include the Ford Torino from STARSKY + HUTCH, John Travolta's GREASE LIGHTNING car, Elvis Presley's gold-plated Cadillac and the Pontiac GTO VIN DIESEL drove in XXX, will be auctioned off to the highest bidder by Bonhams + Butterfields on 14 May (05).

Barris' publicist EDWARD LOZZI says, "George simply doesn't have enough room for all these collectibles any more.

"He did something similar in 1982, when he sold off something like 111 cars and raised a lot of money. He's hoping for the best with this auction."

05/05/2005 03:05