Muse's symphony sounds like a "very contemporary film soundtrack".

The trio end their new album 'The Resistance' with a three-part classical overture entitled 'ExoGenesis' and say they felt confident about the unusual piece because of their fans love of their more "epic" pieces.

Frontman Matt Bellamy said: "There's always been a slight twinge of some classical elements in our music. And because those elements seem to have gone down well over the years and people, especially in concerts, seem to react to those more epic moments in the music, I definitely think we felt we could get away with doing something that was more elaborate in that department.

"We tried to make sure the emotion of the song is the dominant force in that symphony. It's not about a demonstration of technical prowess or anything like that. There's no solo stuff going on. If anything, it sounds to me like a very contemporary film soundtrack."

The group are preparing to tour in support of the record but Matt admits they are worried how 'Exogenesis' will translate to a live show.

He added to "We look forward to trying to play the symphony live. I'm not sure how that's gonna work. We'll have to do some Hans Zimmer synth version!"