Former FINE YOUNG CANNIBALS stars ANDY COX and DAVID STEEL have scuppered plans to reform British ska group THE BEAT by refusing to take part in a reunion show on TV.

The two musicians were invited to join singers DAVE WAKELING and RANKING ROGER, ageing saxophonist SAXA and drummer EVERETT MORETON for a get together with their old bandmates on VH1 show BANDS REUNITED, but they refused to show up.

The duo formed Fine Young Cannibals with ROLAND GIFT after Wakeling and Ranking Roger disbanded The Beat and founded General Public in the early 1980s.

Speaking at a televised semi-reunion on the show, drummer Moreton said, "Them guys will never come out to play."

Wakeling shrugged off claims the pair were still upset about the end of the group, insisting neither really liked the limelight.

He said, "I didn't think Andy would do this. I don't think he really likes the light. He likes being anonymous."

10/09/2004 09:12