Veteran funnyman Gene Wilder has revealed the inspiration for his beloved Young Frankenstein character FRAU BLUCHER came from letters written to the father of psychoanalysis, SIGMUND FREUD. The actor/writer created the cult comedy, which is now a hit stage musical, with Mel Brooks and he has rarely spoken about how he came up with the eccentric characters. But, in a new interview with the San Jose Mercury News, Wilder reveals the beloved Cloris Leachman character came from a book about Freud. Wilder, who played Dr. Frankenstein in the film, explains, "I chose the name (Blucher) because I wanted an authentic German name. "I took out some of the books I had of the letters to and from Sigmund Freud. I saw someone named Blucher had written to him, and I said, 'Well, that's the name.' "Later on, I heard from about two or three sources, who said 'blucher' refers to a horse going to a factory and being turned to glue. I just thought it was a funny name."