Rocker Gene Simmons is brushing up on his comedy skills, after learning that women truly want a man with a sense of humour.

The Kiss bassist recently created the reality show MR ROMANCE, which features 1980s icon Fabio grooming 12 male contestants into suave gentlemen, and his research for the series has proved very useful for the star.

Simmons says, "I went all over the world and asked women of all nationalities and backgrounds what they are looking for in a perfect man, and 90 per cent of them said the number one quality is a great sense of humour.

"When the look is gone, if a guy doesn't have a great sense of humour, then what's left?

"When (women) know who I really am, then they're not intimidated. I love to make fun of myself because life is too short."

19/04/2005 09:04