Gene Simmons has refuelled his war of words with guitar great Carlos Santana, urging the SMOOTH hitmaker to retire.
The Kiss star and Santana have been waging a public battle for the past five years, ever since the guitarist criticised Simmons in an interview, accusing the glam rocker of hiding his lack of talent behind costumes and theatrics.
He said, "He's not a musician, he's an entertainer... A musician doesn't need the mask and the mascara."
And now Simmons has stoked the flames of the rock stars' feud, taking aim at Santana's lack of theatrics onstage.
Commenting on Santana's new Las Vegas show on a local news show on Thursday (11Jun09), Simmons snarled, "I'm sick and tired of these bands like Carlos Santana looking at his shoes and thinking that's a rock concert... Get off the stage."